Momentary Birth by Natascha Bach book cover

“In Momentary Birth, Natascha Bach gives us a deeply personal exploration of body-centered transformation. Her writing style, often more poetry than prose, is an invitation to feel more joy in every moment.”

- Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.

Author of The Big Leap, www.hendricks.com

“Natascha shares both the simplicity and complexity of our human experience. By connecting to your body and returning to yourself for guidance, you have the exact remedy to move beyond suffering and into healing. Your body’s wisdom holds the keys to a more loving life experience. This book will benefit so many people empowering them with the simple mantra “Momentary Birth”.

- Arielle Schwartz, PhD

Author of The Complex PTSD Workbook, The Post-Traumatic Growth Guidebook, Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma among other books on trauma recovery

“Momentary Birth is an outstanding book and reminder of how you can be more present and honor the incredible gifts you have been given in this lifetime. This book is overflowing with powerful practices that everyone needs. Momentary Birth will be your go-to mantra.”

- Eileen McKusick

Founder of Biofield Tuning - A Sound Approach to Health & Wellbeing, Author of Tuning the Human Biofield & Electric Body Electric Health, www.biofieldtuning.com

“Natascha Bach’s book is a great tool to use for those who wish to use their senses to ground in their physical body. A very practical and educational body of work. The author describes so well how we can be creative and keep taking steps to healing our bodies by engaging our senses.”

- Giten Tonkov

Author, Educator, Creator of Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System

Momentary Birth

Shift Your Mood Instantly Using Your Senses


Momentary Birth by Natascha Bach book cover

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