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Shift Your Mood Instantly Using Your Senses

Momentary Birth is a book and a sacred mantra. If you have been noticing negative patterns looping and reemerging in your life, or if you’ve been feeling irritated by everyone and everything—this book is for you.

Momentary Birth is full of delightfully fresh and simple ways to shift your mood instantly when you feel bothered, upset, frustrated, overwhelmed, or uncertain. Natascha Bach speaks from her personal experience, sharing her own healing journey, and the many ways she was continuously directed back to finding relief within herself using the body’s remarkable expertise.

This book will help you recharge your energy as a person, lover, leader, friend, parent, colleague, and collaborator so you can be more effective by resetting your ability to respond versus react in any difficult situation. This book is overflowing with stories and perspectives to help you feel more confident as you set out to honor yourself and your sacred path.

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Momentary Birth by Natascha Bach book cover

About the author

Natascha Bach

Natascha Bach is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, creatrix, teacher, mentor, performer, and divine femme energy healer. For more than two decades, Natascha has been transforming lives, including her own. She has helped thousands of people around the world build more confidence and unlock their potential by strengthening their voices and connecting to their bodies. Through sharing her expertise and gifts Natascha is revolutionizing the way women lead in her transformational coaching programs and online courses.

Natascha combines her expertise in vocal pedagogy and BodyMind & Voice methods, with ThetaHealing®, sound healing, alternative healing modalities, and daily rituals and practices that align deeply with the Divine Feminine to support and inspire her clients. She teaches a holistic approach to leadership from a place of deep self-love.

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What’s Inside

Shift Your Mood Instantly Using Your Senses

Chapter 1. Momentary Birth

The story behind the mantra, and how your senses can guide you once triggered.

Chapter 2. Embodiment

Leave disconnection behind and embody both your strengths and vulnerabilities through practices that empower.

Chapter 3. Touch

Ways to use touch and feel for reassurance and relief from upset.

Chapter 4. Taste

How to use the enticing flavors all around to achieve balance and feeling good.

Chapter 5. Smell

How nature continuously delivers enchanting scents and aromas as tools to support your well-being.

Chapter 6. Hear

How sounds and vibrations can heal you and support your nervous system.

Chapter 7. See

Abundance is all around waiting to assure you. What can you see that you love?

Chapter 8. Movement

Let your body express through movement what cannot be expressed in words.

Chapter 9. Sixth Sense – Intuition

Connect to and trust your intuition and inner signals to help to find solutions.

Chapter 10. Let Loose Alternatives

How messy alternatives and curiosity can help you express and move past tough emotions.

Momentary Birth

Shift Your Mood Instantly Using Your Senses


Momentary Birth by Natascha Bach book cover

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